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Artificial Intelligence Applied To Music - PRODUCHERTZ.COM

Artificial intelligence applied to music

Resources AI’s Role in shaping the future of music In this article, we will explore what artificial intelligence is and how to utilize it in music, regardless of the artistic

The Top 10 Books On Music Marketing - PRODUCHERTZ.COM

The Top 10 Books on Music Marketing

Resources Essential books for aspiring music industry pros! In recent years, music marketing has gained increasing importance, capturing the attention of many young individuals interested in studying the behind-the-scenes of

Digital Music Distributors - PRODUCHERTZ.COM

The best music digital distributors

Resources Leading digital platforms for music distribution If you’re an independent music producer, DJ, musician, or hold any other artistic position in the music industry, you can certainly distribute your

Streaming services and digital stores - PRODUCHERTZ.COM

Music streaming services and digital stores

Resources Digital Music Distribution: streaming and stores. In recent years, the music industry has undergone a profound transformation with the advent of music platforms and digital stores. In this article,

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