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What is and how to create a Fan Gate

Resources An essential Music Marketing Tool to Grow your Fan Base Did you know that there’s a method that could be a real success in the organic growth of your

Followeb Free Fan Gate System - PRODUCHERTZ.COM

Grow as artist with Followeb

Resources A free Fan Gate tool to grow organically on Soundcloud, Spotify and many more… Would you like to organically grow your music project? Do you want to increase your

The Top 10 Books On Music Marketing - PRODUCHERTZ.COM

The Top 10 Books on Music Marketing

Resources Essential books for aspiring music industry pros! In recent years, music marketing has gained increasing importance, capturing the attention of many young individuals interested in studying the behind-the-scenes of

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The best music digital distributors

Resources Leading digital platforms for music distribution If you’re an independent music producer, DJ, musician, or hold any other artistic position in the music industry, you can certainly distribute your

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