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Are you a music producer with new Dubstep productions to pitch to your favorite playlist curator?

We’ve crafted a tailored template, simulating a track submission from NoXx, a music producer active in the Dubstep genre, looking to propose his latest release, “Don’t You,” to the curator of the “Dubstep Mix” playlist.

Before diving into the details, we recommend checking out an article where you can explore important aspects that can help you learn more about “How To Contact Spotify Playlist Curators“.

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About Email Templates

Our templates are associated with a specific genre solely for illustrative purposes. We recommend viewing several templates and customizing them according to your needs to achieve the version that best fits your music project.

You will always find two versions of the same template: one more formal and one informal.

1. Subject lines examples - Dubstep

Let’s start with some possible subject lines before moving on to the email text:

  • Introducing “Don’t You” for Dubstep Mix
  • Dubstep Release Alert – Music Submission
  • “Don’t You” Submission for Dubstep Mix
  • “Don’t You” for Dubstep Mix Playlist
  • Dubstep Release – Track Submission
  • “Don’t You” Out Now – Dubstep Mix
  • New Dubstep Anthem: “Don’t You” – Submission
  • Submission: Consider “Don’t You” for Dubstep Mix
  • My New Release – Ideal for Dubstep Mix
  • “Don’t You”: A Perfect Fit for Dubstep Mix

2. Informal email version - Dubstep

Hey [Curator Name],
Logan here, also known as NoXx!

I’ve just dropped a fresh dubstep track, “Don’t You”, and I’m so excited to share it with you. Been vibing with “Dubstep Mix” for a while now, and I think “Don’t You” could be a great addition.

Give it a listen when you can: [Spotify Link].

My sound’s been on a wild ride and “Don’t You” is a big moment in the journey. Would love to be part of the “Dubstep Mix” vibe!

You can also find me on Instagram here: [Instagram Profile Link].


3. Formal email version - Dubstep

Hi [Curator Name],
my name is Logan (NoXx), and I’m excited to share with you my latest dubstep release, ‘Don’t You.’ Having followed and admired ‘Dubstep Mix’ for quite some time, I believe ‘Don’t You’ could be a great addition to your playlist.

I would be honored if you could spare a moment to give ‘Don’t You’ a listen. I believe its sound and energy align perfectly with the spirit of ‘Dubstep Mix.’

Here’s the Spotify link:
[Spotify Link]

The evolution of my sound has been a continual exploration and ‘Don’t You’ represents a significant chapter in this musical journey.

Don’t forget to explore my Instagram profile for more details on my music project: [Instagram Profile Link].

Thank you for your time and I look forward to the opportunity of being part of your ‘Dubstep Mix’ selection.


At this point, all you have to do is customize the template to your needs and send your submission to the relevant curator.

It’s your moment, good luck!

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