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We are well aware of the importance of working together to foster innovation and growth. This is why we are committed to building a solid network of collaborations and partnerships.

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We believe that collaboration is the key to drive industry advancements.
Partners Semantic Sounds - PRODUCHERTZ.COM

"Semantic Sounds is a music marketing agency, indipendent record label, music blog & event brand founded to promote artists, their image and their music. Our goal is to help artists, singers, songwriters, rappers, musicians and djs / producers to leave their mark in music and for this reason we offer various music promotion services on Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube and on all major music platforms. We also take care of their brand and artistic image for this reason we also offer graphic design, video editing and management services for the growth of the fanbase. If you are an independent artist or label and you are looking for an agency that will provide you with all these services to help you in your business we at Semantic are the team for you."

Visit Semantic Sounds Official Website!

Diamantid Records - Official Logo

Diamantid Records is an exciting music label aiming to conquer streaming platforms and the wide audience. With meticulous care, it discovers emerging talents and innovative artists, offering them a creative environment and professional support. Through a combination of high-quality productions, strategic promotion, and collaborations with influential artists, the label strives to reach a global audience. Its mission is to provide authentic and engaging musical experiences, fueled by a passion for art and a desire to connect with people. Diamantid Records is part of the Bangerang Network group.

Visit Diamantid Records Official Website!

Partners Level Up Music School - PRODUCHERTZ.COM

"We strive to cultivate a love and appreciation for music, providing a professional and inspiring environment for students of all ages and skill levels. Our team is composed of experienced instructors who are passionate about guiding students on their musical journey by sharing their knowledge through tailored programs based on individual learning styles and goals."

Partners Followeb - PRODUCHERTZ.COM

Followeb is a great tool dedicated to DJs, producers, label owners, singers, and musicians, that makes available an exclusive hub of features to help artists take advantage of the effectiveness of Free Download to increase their popularity in the music scene in a completely organic way.

Start creating effective Fan Gates and Fan Links today and allow your fans to download your releases thorugh a step-by-step funnel.

Find our more at Followeb.de!

Partners Level Up Agency - PRODUCHERTZ.COM

With a deep understanding of the digital landscape, Level Up Web Agency is specialized in crafting effective marketing strategies and in building visually stunning and highly responsive websites. From search engine optimization (SEO) to social media campaigns planning, this agency offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to drive tangible results.

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