Leen Tilt: Austria’s Emerging DJ & Music Producer

Tracing the Artistic Journey of Leen Tilt

Discover Leen Tilt, an emerging Austrian DJ and music producer. In our exclusive interview, we explore her industry journey and her various music projects.
Leen Tilt Artist Interview - PRODUCHERTZ.COM


Approaching the world of music often comes from the family, especially if there are several people inside who are or have been active as musicians.

Tell us something about yourself, how you approached music and when you realized it would play a significant role in your life.

Coming from a family where excelling in music, sports (ex-tennis pro), and education were equally important, I grew up in an environment that valued music as an essential part of life. My father, a surgeon and musician, planted the seed, while my mother nurtured and grew my love for music and the arts. My brother, a percussionist from a very young age, is now a sound engineer, music producer, and DJ/producer under the aliases Psycrain and Safe Iron, and the founder of Bassclef Records and Xperiment Records.

I began my journey in the fine arts as a violinist and ballet dancer at the age of 8. My mother used to pick us up from school for tennis lessons and music classes. In 2005, I discovered my passion for underground music, realizing that it is not just art but a lifestyle, knowing it would become a significant part of my life.

Music is my way of communication. My mission is to keep playing sounds that constantly evolve with a good cause, bringing out the beauty in us.


One’s passion for music can evolve over time, expanding into completely different musical realities, even leading the artist to initiate various projects in the industry.

Would you like to tell us about your evolution in this regard, also discussing some of your projects and musical releases?

From a violinist to a raver influenced by the underground scene, which helped me through difficult times after I stopped my tennis career, I’ve evolved into a DJ/Producer with Bassclef Records and Xperiment Records, with big support from my beloved brother, Safe. I also host my own podcast, “The Penguin Show with Leen Tilt,” featuring my sets and guest mixes from artists around the globe. This podcast has gained significant popularity, and my mission is to connect artists, support them, share their music, and promote the scene.

The chosen name reflects my belief that time, like music, forever repeats itself with a tilt. My debut track, “Nothing Can Stop Me,” was released through Xperiment Records in collaboration with my brother, Safe Iron. This important release has been remixed by DOMEK, Rangel Coelho, and an upcoming Hard Techno remix by Ban Notice.

Other notable releases include “Still On Earth,” “Losing Everything” (with an upcoming remix by Shiraz Javed, set to release on 07.06.2024), “Implosion,” and “Destruction.” All of these tracks have made it to the Beatport Top charts and are being played all over the globe. One moment that made my heart smile was hearing “Implosion” played by Maxim Lany at the Resistance Stage during Ultra Music Festival Bali.


Launching one’s own record label is a dream for many artists, especially DJs and Music Producers. It opens up numerous opportunities, including, but not limited to, creating a genuine network of artists to support and share passion and enthusiasm with, as well as initiating many musical ventures like events, podcasts, and more.

Could you tell us something about your project Xperiment Records and other musical endeavors you are involved in?

As the co-founder of Xperiment Records and public relations for Bassclef Records, I work alongside my brother Psycrain, also known as Safe Iron. Our mission is to add value to the world through music and support talents from across the globe. We aim to create music that can be heard by anyone, at any time, and that endures forever. Together, we form the Xperiment Records and Bassclef Records family, a community of music friends, brothers, and sisters.

We’ve also organized a series of events for our project, including “An Xperiment Records Night” taking place in both Vienna and Amman, with two upcoming Label Nights at Kramladen Vienna. These events aim to bring together music lovers and showcase the incredible talent within our community.

I also host “The Penguin Show with Leen Tilt” podcast, where I have had the pleasure of connecting with genuine artists from around the globe. Additionally, I contribute guest mixes for radio shows worldwide, including Radio Bataklank and RUAR. My performances have taken me to different cities such as Amman, Jordan, at C22 and The Dark Room, where we also launched An Xperiment Nights event, Prague with Blackout events, Vienna including Kramladen and Lichtbogen, and soon to Berlin with an Xperiment Records brother, Wiebe Roose, and his renowned collective, Hedomanie and Artdicction in Berlin.


We can certainly say that you have no shortage of ideas and musical projects to pursue, especially given the impressive work you’ve accomplished so far.

What are your future plans for advancing Leen Tilt, the label, and everything else?

My answer to this question would be: consistency!

Every artist on the label is considered a family member to me, and each release is extremely important. We are here to discover new talents and support them. Our goal is to continue spreading our work globally and to expand our event series, “An Xperiment Nights Event,” worldwide, as our artists come from many different countries.

Hopefully, one day, we can meet in person and share the stage with those beautiful souls I have connected with for a good cause through music, the record labels, and the podcast.

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