Spotlight on Lady Nobody: DJ & Music Producer on the Rise

Delving into the Musical Growth of Lady Nobody

Get to know Lady Nobody, a rising DJ and music producer from Italy, active in the Techno scene. In our exclusive interview, we delve into her musical evolution and track her path in the industry.

Lady Nobody Exclusive Interview - PRODUCHERTZ.COM


Interest in the world of music often begins in childhood, especially if you develop a habit of listening to various artists and musical genres from an early age.

After a brief introduction about yourself, would you like to tell us about your first steps in music and how your journey began?

Certainly! First of all, I would like to say that it’s truly a pleasure to share my journey with the PRODUCHERTZ.COM community.

My name is Irene, and I am an Italian artist active as a DJ and Music Producer. Since I was a child, thanks to my father, I had the opportunity to listen to a lot of high-quality music of various genres. Every time I was in the car with him, we would listen to everything from Bruce Springsteen to The Prodigy, from The Chemical Brothers to Paolo Conte, to Tom Waits.

At home, we also had a vinyl collection and a turntable. One of my earliest childhood memories is indeed a vinyl record! If this might seem chaotic, it actually gave me the chance to grow up refining my ear and getting to know myself better.

I also had the opportunity to study the violin for about three years, thanks to a music workshop offered by my middle school. Even in this case, what initially seemed really complicated and demanding turned into a great love for the instrument and for classical music. Even now, I occasionally like to pick it up and play just for fun and as a hobby.


The passion for music, especially electronic music, often leads to an artistic evolution that solidifies in the role of a music producer and DJ. This progression in one’s journey almost always stems from the desire to convey to others the same emotions that music makes us experience when we are listeners.

Tell us a bit about your project “Lady Nobody,” your concept of music, and the role of a DJ from your perspective.

Absolutely! Lady Nobody was born as a natural evolution of my deep love for music, especially electronic music. The DJ project, on the other hand, is quite recent. Two years ago, I decided to learn how to DJ out of pure curiosity and to produce electronic music for completeness. I can say that I had two excellent teachers: Purple Mash for DJing techniques and Dariush Fattahi for production. Both guided me patiently through my first steps, helping me turn the challenges I faced into tools for improvement. I am truly grateful to them for the trust they placed in me.

Regarding production, I have always believed that a solid foundation allows one not only to create their own music but also to deeply understand the dynamics behind every well-crafted DJ set, with an appropriate combination of sounds. In other words, it allows for a deep understanding of what one is doing.

I believe that nowadays, music should be approached in an absolutely transversal way, accepting new sounds without forgetting where we come from and keeping in mind that a DJ is first and foremost an interpreter, a curator, a bridge connecting the music— the true protagonist— with its listeners. Music connects us.

Lady Nobody means precisely this: what is important is not my person, my physical appearance, or my fame, but rather my music and the emotions it can convey to those who listen to me. For this reason, constant musical research is essential to me, and I consider it very ambitious to be able to convey to our audience beautiful sensations and curiosity about what we present from the console.


Attending clubs and festivals as a spectator allows those who plan to pursue a music project to transform enthusiasm and emotions into motivation, as well as to get closer to specific musical genres.

How has this influenced your affinity for the Techno genre and your music project Lady Nobody?

I have always been a lover of dance and Techno music, which I have eagerly enjoyed, dancing with friends at international festivals like Awakenings and Time Warp.

My love for this genre was born on the dance floor. The artists who have guided my musical development are Richie Hawtin and Adiel, who are true guiding stars for me, without neglecting other names like Pan-Pot, Ben Klock, Chris Liebing, and Stef Mendesidis.

I am slowly exploring the new phenomenon of Hard Techno. Although I am not particularly passionate about it, I have certainly drawn some inspiration from it for some of my more “modern” DJ sets.

My first productions, dating back a year, do not actually reflect what I currently play. I can definitely say that I have conducted real sonic experiments in this regard. I have carefully explored different sounds, ranging from an electronic reinterpretation of “Lacrimosa” by Zbigniew Preisner (a Polish composer), to “Clo,” an electronic track dedicated to my brother, and “Run,” my first acid experiment.

I have recently returned to the studio, driven by new ideas and a more mature artistic personality. I feel confident in saying that my projects are now definitely oriented towards Techno.


Looking ahead and planning various important activities in the medium to long term can make the difference between an improvised music project and one that is professional and well-managed.

In this regard, do you already have plans for the future, such as new releases, collaborations, and events you will participate in as an artist? What is your goal in the next few years, and what is your biggest dream?

Absolutely! I completely agree. Navigating the Italian scene, it’s not easy to build a rich schedule to express oneself; Techno events are limited, and there are many dynamics to consider that often have nothing to do with the quality of DJing and music.

Despite this, my future will definitely see me primarily engaged in the studio. I recently had the good fortune to meet an excellent DJ and producer, Ban Notice, with whom I am working on some exciting projects. I am grateful for the openness he has shown towards me despite my project being very young.

I also have some opportunities with a couple of international labels that I connected with through my Instagram page, Global Techno Movement, where I provide comprehensive information on everything related to the Techno scene.

Besides production, I plan to develop stable collaborations with some Techno formats and projects that have recently shown interest in me, starting next autumn. I also aim to build a network of connections that is as open and stimulating as possible. In the long term, my goal is to produce music with my distinctive mark and to play regularly both in Italy and abroad. My big dream is to be a full-time artist and to be really good at what I do, possibly earning a spot on one of the stages where I first saw my idols perform.

Don’t miss a track! Follow Lady Nobody on your favorite streaming platform to catch his latest releases.

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