Kenn Colt: Belgium’s Renowed DJ & Music Producer

Behind the Decks: Kenn Colt's Journey to the Top

We’re thrilled to present our exclusive interview with Kenn Colt, a renowned DJ and music producer from Belgium. He has performed at some of the biggest and best festivals around the world, including Tomorrowland, Ultra South Korea, and Sunburn Festival, among many others.

His distinctive sound and exceptional work ethic have caught the eye of industry legends such as David Guetta and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, both of whom Kenn Colt has had the pleasure of supporting on stage.

Thank you, Kenn, for taking the time to share your incredible journey with us!

Kenn Colt Interview - PRODUCHERTZ.COM


Each artist’s journey into the world of music is unique. It may be driven by family influences, friendships, the place they live, or a multitude of other factors. This certainly contributes to crafting a distinctive and unique identity for each artist.

We’d love to hear about your background, how you got started with DJing and music production and the moment you realized it would become a significant part of your life.

I’ve always been deeply passionate about music. Growing up in Belgium, a country known for its vibrant electronic music scene, I was constantly surrounded by incredible sounds and inspiring performances.

Watching and listening to artists perform fueled my love for music even more. One day, I realized that life is too short to spend on things that don’t bring you joy, and for me, that joy is music. So I decided to take action and pursue my dreams. Now, years later, I’m still here, happier than ever.


Everyone knows that it takes a lot of time and experience to improve one’s stage presence, to become spontaneous and engaging with the audience, and to be fully prepared to perform at renowned clubs and festivals in the best possible way.

Could you share your journey in this regard, telling us the key steps that led to your residency at Club Versuz and performances on the world’s biggest festival stages, such as Tomorrowland in Belgium, TomorrowWorld in the United States, Ultra Music Festival in South Korea, and many others? What does it mean to you to have the opportunity to perform at such huge events?

I played at small festivals and bars when I was younger, and I never stopped chasing my dreams. One day, at a random event, someone asked me to play at one of his events. Later, I found out it was for the Pacha Ibiza World Tour held at Versuz Belgium. After my first night, the club owner called me the next day and asked if I could play for him on a resident night as well. I became a resident DJ at the club and have been one since 2012, which also gave me the opportunity to play at Tomorrowland early in my career.

I’ve been doing this for many years now, and I still get nervous before performing, especially on big stages like Tomorrowland. But when I start playing, all those nerves disappear, and I go into the zone and start to enjoy it.

I feel honored and very happy to be given such amazing opportunities to perform on huge stages. Sharing my music live and seeing the audience’s reactions is the best feeling. It inspires me to keep doing better and putting out music that people will love.


There is no doubt about the global appreciation of your music and its profound resonance with listeners worldwide, as well as with influential artists such as David Guetta, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, and many others. The numbers speak for themselves, with over 30 million streams on Spotify only.

You’ve recently released a fresh new track on Soave Dusk titled “Mueve Ese Booty,” collaborating with two talented Mexican producers, Gavss and Addiel LS.

Could you tell us how this collaboration came about, what it means to you, and what you expect from “Mueve Ese Booty” this summer? Are there any behind-the-scenes stories that are worth telling?

“Mueve Ese Booty” is a collaboration with Addiel LS and Gavss.

Fun fact: we all met on stage during my LATAM tour, and we just vibed and created this song. With its heavy use of bongos, shakers, and cowbells, paired with thumping drums and an enthralling soundscape, it’s seriously got all the elements needed to get you up and relentlessly shake your booty. I’m going on tour soon to play “Mueve Ese Booty” for everyone, and I’m very excited about that.

I’m also happy to let you know that I’m approaching 50 million streams!


The dream of founding a record label is one that resonates deeply with many artists, especially DJs and Music Producers. It unlocks countless opportunities, such as building an authentic community of artists who can collaborate and share their music to the world.

Could you tell us more about your project “Feels Like Home Records,” what inspired it, and your future plans for it?

I started Feels Like Home Records to have more control over my music. When you release music under a label, there are many factors to consider. But when I release my music under FLH, it’s 100% me. That doesn’t mean that releasing under other labels doesn’t have its pros. Each way has its own advantages, so it really depends on the situation.

As the owner of Feels Like Home Records and an artist myself, my goal is to sign new and upcoming artists who are passionate about what they do. We’re committed to supporting talents who aren’t afraid to experiment and innovate. Ultimately, our goal is to keep producing music that brings joy to everyone who listens.

Don’t miss a track! Follow Kenn Colt on your favorite streaming platform to catch his latest releases.

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