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Join our exclusive interview for an insider’s view into the life of Delayz, DJ and electronic music producer who continues to soar in the digital realm, stirring inspiration among musicians and fans.

Exclusive Interview With Delayz - PRODUCHERTZ.COM

Topic: Professional and artistic growth


For any project, it is of primary importance to set concrete goals as well as precise intermediate steps that allow breaking the journey into shorter stages. This aspect can easily degenerate into an obsession with becoming famous or, for example, participating as an artist in the world’s most well-known events, overshadowing the focus on intermediate steps in favor of total concentration on one’s dream or larger goal.

What happens then? In most cases, one is confronted with a very different reality, which clearly shows that only long-term planned projects can create a chance in the mainstream scene. The conclusion of these mental processes almost always leads to giving up on one’s project, and in some cases, one’s music career.

What are your thoughts on this? It’s important to have ambitious dreams and goals, but to avoid the risk of being disappointed right from the start, how can an artist scale their expectations and learn to control their enthusiasm so as not to take steps that are too big and, most importantly, too fast?

Yes, dreaming is crucial for an artist, but first and foremost, it’s essential to have a clear idea of what you want to do and where you want to go. Once one dream is realized, it’s important to keep on dreaming because it’s never enough for someone passionate. Getting carried away by enthusiasm and rushing into things can happen, but I believe it’s just a matter of organizing yourself and holding back a bit.


The time dedicated to producing a quality track can be substantial, and it can often happen that the results you imagine in terms of visibility and/or monetary gains fall short of expectations. In these situations, discouragement can set in more easily, and negative thoughts can take over, potentially putting an artist in crisis regarding their career in the music industry.

Can you share if, in your professional journey, you’ve ever experienced a phase similar to the one just described? What advice would you give to other DJs/Producers to keep their motivation high and their focus on their goals?

It happens to all DJs and music producers, and it’s entirely normal, even for international big names. When events like these occur, where you’re not inspired for a day or even an entire week or don’t feel focused, it’s better to take a break, turn off the computer, and do something else, like listening to music or taking a walk in your favorite place. In short, relax. Sooner or later, the inspiration will return, trust me. The important thing is not to get disheartened and to have patience, which is a crucial element in our industry.

Topic: Music career


Now, let’s shift the focus to the “Career” topic. Many artists often find themselves trying to figure out how to get in touch with a record label and, more importantly, how to do it in the right way: “Is a simple email enough?” “More or less formal?” “What can I do to get noticed or at least receive a response?” “Do I need to be already known to have any hope?” These are just a few of the dozens of questions that can pose challenges for an artist looking for a label for their release, and we know well that the answers are as numerous as the questions.

Based on your experience, considering your recent releases with various labels, what advice would you give to other producers in this regard? Is there any detail from your direct experiences that you would like to share to provide further insights?

Certainly, a professionally written email is much more appealing to record labels. It’s crucial because it makes you appear more professional and increases the likelihood that your demo will be listened to, and most importantly, listened to with greater interest.

To have hope, especially with top-tier labels, it’s important to try to collaborate with artists who have already released tracks on those specific labels. That’s a sincere piece of advice: make a lot of connections and collaborate with artists, especially those who are more prominent than you, without fear or shame.


Following your social media profiles, we noticed that your releases are often supported by various internationally renowned DJs within their Radio Shows (Angemi, Vinai, Deorro, Will Sparks, and many others), as well as by many important national radio stations (in your case, Italian ones).

Based on your professional journey and assuming the quality of audio production, how can a producer succeed in getting support from famous DJs or at least attempt to propose their music to radio stations?

Promotion is certainly important, especially with the investment and assistance of promotion agencies, making your music circulate more easily. However, let’s not forget that your work must always be of high quality and appreciated both by DJs and radio stations.

Investing is essential for excellent results. Alternatively, you can also choose the DIY route, sending your song or remix to many contacts with your promo mail. Nevertheless, to get significant support, the DIY approach isn’t easy to manage.

Topic: Music Promotion & Marketing


Releasing music for free download can be considered a real strategy to engage your fans and increase their numbers, especially when using specific tools like Fan Gates (if used correctly). We’ve seen from your Soundcloud artist profile that you’ve employed such a solution for some releases, and we wondered what kind of results it has brought you over time.

What can you tell us about this? Would you recommend other producers to release some of their productions for free download, and if so, why?

Yes, free downloads are very helpful, especially for growing your social media followers. It can be a highly effective strategy when applied to remixes, mashups, and bootlegs of popular songs, but it can also be used with your original unreleased tracks.

Never underestimate the importance of your original tracks; they are equally crucial, although I wouldn’t advise releasing them for free download because it’s much more professional, in my opinion, to release them through record labels.

However, it’s essential to release music for free download, more or less frequently, depending on your inspiration and desire. Remixing current tracks and well-known songs, whether from the present or the past, can be a viable approach.


Promoting your music online can be a challenging task, especially given the presence of many promoters and agencies that don’t always operate very transparently, making it difficult just to find a person or team to work with.

In your opinion, is it essential to promote your music on major streaming platforms, even by relying on a professional promoter? Have you ever ventured into this world?

Before investing in a promotion agency, it’s essential to carefully evaluate whether their work is done well. Many promoters promise results but deliver almost nothing, while others work hard to get you good “support.”

In this era of Spotify, the number of listens is important, but be cautious. Many playlists can generate a high number of listens but without a positive return and with a somewhat dubious management of promotions and streams.

On the other hand, there are many playlists genuinely followed by interested listeners, which are truly heard by enthusiasts who could become your new fans, ensuring a real and more consistent movement of plays.

Don’t miss a track! Follow Delayz on your favorite streaming platform to catch his latest releases.

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