Engage with Spotify Deep House Playlist Curators

Gain placement in exclusive Spotify Deep House selections

If you’re a music producer active in Deep House and House genres and want your music featured in Spotify playlists, the first step is to professionally contact playlist curators with a well-crafted email.

In this template, we’ve tailored a sample text for DJ Mattx (Matthew), a Deep House and House DJ/Music Producer, looking to submit his latest release, “Sand,” to the curator of the Spotify playlist “Deep Inside 2024”.

We also recommend checking out an important article titled “How To Contact Spotify Playlist Curators” for more insights.

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About Email Templates

Our templates are associated with a specific genre solely for illustrative purposes. We recommend viewing several templates and customizing them according to your needs to achieve the version that best fits your music project.

You will always find two versions of the same template: one more formal and one informal.

1. Subject lines examples - Deep House

Let’s start with the possible subject line, as with all the other templates:

  • Deep House Release – Deep Inside 2024 Placement Spot
  • Track Submission for Deep Inside 2024
  • Sand: Deep House Track for Your Playlist
  • New Deep House Release for Your Music Selection
  • Sand by DJ Mattx – Ready for Deep Inside 2024
  • Exploring Collaboration: Deep House Release Alert
  • Sand’s Out Now – New music for “Deep Inside 2024” Playlist
  • Featuring My Music in Your Playlist “Deep Inside 2024”
  • My Deep House Sound for “Deep Inside 2024”

2. Informal email version - Deep House

Hey [Curator Name],
Matthew here, going by the decks as DJ Mattx.

Been rocking the Deep House scene in the UK for about three years now, and your playlist, “Deep Inside 2024,” is one of my favorite ones!

Just dropped a new track, “Sand,” inspired by the vibes from your playlist. Would love for you to check it out: [Your Spotify Track Link].

Here’s my Instagram profile: [Instagram Profile Link].

Your thoughts mean the world to me and I’m all ears for any chance to get “Sand” on “Deep Inside 2024.”

Excited to hear what you think!

Matthew (DJ Mattx)

3. Formal email version - Deep House

Hi [Curator Name],
I’m Matthew (DJ Mattx), a Deep House/House artist with a passion for Deep House music. With three years of production expertise, my music has found its way to the dance floors of local Deep House and House clubs in the UK.

I recently came across your great playlist, “Deep Inside 2024”, and was captivated by the tracklist selection.

Your playlist has been a constant source of inspiration, and I’ve recently released a track, “Sand”, which was inspired by the kind of Deep House vibes I find in your playlist.

I’d be so grateful if you could take a moment to explore it. Here’s the Spotify link: [Your Spotify Track Link].

Your feedback would mean a lot to me and I’d love to discuss the possibility of featuring my track in “Deep Inside 2024” and explore any collaboration opportunities.

You can also explore my music project further on my Instagram profile: [Instagram Profile Link].

Thank you for your time, and I’m excited about the possibility of being part of your project.

Hope to hear back from you soon!

Here we go! All you have to do now is customize the template with your information, and you’ll be ready to send your request to try and secure a spot on your favorite Spotify playlist.

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