How to create an effective Fan Gate

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Are you a DJ or music producer who has decided to release musical content for free download using Fan Gates? Would you like to learn some strategies to achieve higher results and maximize the organic growth of your project on SoundCloud, Spotify, and many other streaming platforms and social networks?

If the answer is “Yes,” this is definitely the article for you!

Using Fan Gates is certainly an excellent choice not only to organically increase your followers but also to get more likes and shares from your listeners.

In case you want to delve deeper into the topic before continuing, we recommend an interesting article that can surely be useful to you: “What is and how to create a Fan Gate“.

Well, here we are at the heart of the matter! Below you will find some important elements that can help you create effective Fan Gates.

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1. Offer Quality Content

This first point might seem obvious, but it certainly couldn’t be left off the list, and it is not only valid for DJs and music producers. The content you publish is always the starting point of the entire system, the thing that must convince the listener to click the “Download” button, and therefore, the most important of all.

Whether it’s an original song, a remix, a sample pack, or any other type of musical content, always focus on the quality of what you are offering to your audience.

If you are offering a bundle of audio content, putting effort into creating a preview track to present it can significantly increase plays and the likelihood that users will download your material. Be careful not to overdo the length of the preview, aiming to keep it to a maximum of 1 to 1.5 minutes, to make the most of the users’ attention and achieve a higher number of conversions.

2. Use Attractive Artwork

If the first point concerns what is heard, this one focuses on what is seen and is probably just as important as the previous one. You have surely listened to a track because you were attracted by the cover artwork associated with it.

Yes, that’s right! Well-made artwork is the first magnet to attract users and can really make the difference between a click gained and a click lost.

Always carefully attend to the visual aspect of your releases and make it as consistent as possible with their content.

Contacting professional graphic designers already active in the music world is certainly the right and most effective choice, even if a small financial effort is needed to support the investment. Communicate with your graphic designer to explain the emotions you want to convey with your music, so they can create cover art that aligns with the music.

3. Consider Including Bonus Content

Adding bonus content to your Fan Gate could increase curiosity among your listeners and incentivize them to download. For example, if you have released a sample pack, you could consider adding an extra number of samples, or in the case of a remix pack, you could include bonus remixes that are not available in the preview on SoundCloud.

This same method can also be applied to the release of a new album that perhaps contains a bonus track, an additional version of one of the included songs, or a surprise collaboration with another artist.

Of course, always remember to indicate the presence of the bonus in the title or description of the release. Depending on the type of release, don’t forget to use the most popular keywords and include the right tags in the description.

4. Leverage Popular Music Events

A frequently successful strategy is to release content related to specific musical events. For example, imagine the famous Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) is approaching. There will surely be many DJs looking for remixes to play in their live sets, ready to download all the material that suits their needs.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to work on a remix pack specifically designed for the occasion? The title of the release will play a crucial role in its positioning in SoundCloud search results, so we recommend including all relevant keywords, for example, “ADE 2024 Remix Pack (Free Download)“.

Adapt this format to the most well-known events in your musical genre and the content you prefer to achieve better results. You might use the same strategy for other famous events like Tomorrowland, Ultra Music Festival, EDC, and many others like them.

Consider also involving other artists in the creation of this type of content, so you can reach a broader audience and increase plays and downloads.

5. Effectively Manage Your Fan Gate Steps

Properly managing your Fan Gate allows you to achieve better download results and deliver your content to a more or less selected audience. To be clearer, the more steps your listeners must complete to download the content, the fewer total downloads you will get.

This happens because fewer users will be willing to follow a high number of steps. The advantage you can gain from this is an increase in your followers with new users highly interested in your project, albeit in smaller numbers.

Conversely, the fewer actions required, the more users will reach the Fan Gate’s content download. Therefore, you will see higher numerical results compared to the opposite case, but they will come from a more generic audience of listeners.

In this regard, based on various tests, we can say that the ideal configuration should involve a maximum of 2 following steps, and depending on your needs, a request for comments on SoundCloud or an email address.

For example, the first step could be dedicated to Soundcloud, the second to Spotify, and the third to requesting comments. Always remember that the most effective gates hardly include steps with platforms other than those just mentioned.

Be careful about adding steps with various social networks because the percentage of users who use them from a computer is very low, and you risk increasing the abandonment rate during the process.

6. Include a PDF Landing Page in Your Gates

If a listener has completed the steps of your Fan Gate to download content for free, it’s clear that you have managed to capture their attention. You could take advantage of this moment of interest to try to further engage them by presenting your website or even your social media profiles.

A PDF landing page, or even better, a presentation Press Kit, is what you need! Carefully design the graphics and make the links to your profiles clickable directly in the PDF to simplify the user experience as much as possible.

We recommend a helpful article where we explain “Why DJs & Music Producers Need a Professional Press Kit”.

7. Utilize Tracked Links

Tracked links are incredibly useful tools that can help you obtain important information about the user traffic you are generating, including, but not limited to, the number of visits generated by each link and the source of the generated clicks.

For example, if you are promoting a specific Fan Gate across various channels such as SoundCloud, your website, and social media profiles, you can generate a dedicated tracked link for each platform, while keeping the final destination as the original URL of your Fan Gate. This will allow you to see numerically where the majority of users are coming from, or if one of your social profiles is performing better than another, and act accordingly to improve your promotional strategies.

Imagine combining the use of the landing page mentioned in the previous point with this exceptional tool. You would be able to know exactly how many users have visited your profiles using the PDF downloaded along with the musical content, and accordingly assess whether this strategy is worth maintaining or needs modification.

Some Fan Gate systems integrate this function directly, but if it is not available, you can always use dedicated platforms that offer this service.

As you can see, tracked links are tools that can go far beyond their association with Fan Gates, helping you to monitor and maximize user traffic, analyze already implemented strategies, and plan new ones.

There are many platforms on the web that allow you to create tracked links, including, but not limited to,,,, and

8. Use External Links for Download

Using external links for downloading musical content will not only allow you to give listeners what they are interested in, but also let you choose the source from which they receive it. For example, you could upload a track to your website and create a dedicated link set to initiate the download when opened.

After configuring your Fan Gate, you could insert the newly created link as the download source so that your listeners, after completing the steps of the gate, download the track and are redirected to your website’s homepage. This way, not only will you have allowed the user to download one of your tracks for free, but you will also have directed your listeners to visit your website.

To make it simpler, though with one additional step, you could redirect your listeners to a landing page dedicated to the track on your website and allow the download via a dedicated button.

9. Conclusions

Creating a Fan Gate is really very simple, but creating a truly effective one requires effort and planning. The purpose of this article is not to dictate precise rules, but to provide a list of ideas from which you can start to find effective solutions for your projects.

If you are a DJ or music producer, you must consider using Fan Gates to promote some of your music and grow organically.

Try to understand which points might suit your needs and experiment with combining them to achieve better results!

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