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On this page, we will analyze a template example for an email to send to a Spotify curator to try to catch their attention and secure a spot in one or more playlists.

For the sake of the example, we will consider a hypothetical curator of a Techno playlist called “Techno Factory 2024,” working on both the subject and the body of the email based on the musical genre in question.

Before we begin, we recommend an article that contains some useful information on how to write an effective email to send to playlist curators:
How To Contact Spotify Playlist Curators“.

Spotify Playlist Curators - PRODUCHERTZ.COM

About Email Templates

Our templates are associated with a specific genre solely for illustrative purposes. We recommend viewing several templates and customizing them according to your needs to achieve the version that best fits your music project.

You will always find two versions of the same template: one more formal and one informal.

1. Subject lines examples - Techno

Let’s start with the subject line, suggesting some possible concrete examples:

  • New Release – Techno Factory 2024
  • Techno Release for Your Playlist
  • New Techno Track – Ready for Your Playlist
  • “Oxygen” Out Now – Techno for Your Selection
  • Discover a Perfect Addition for Techno Factory 2024
  • Quality Techno Submission for Your Playlist
  • Fresh Music Addition to Techno Factory 2024
  • Techno Release Alert – Ideal for Your Playlist

2. Informal email version - Techno

Hey [Curator’s Name or “Playlist Name Team”], hope you’re doing awesome!

Just wanted to drop you a quick note because I’m really vibing with the tunes you’ve got going on your Spotify playlist, Techno Factory 2024.

I’m Philipp, been diving into the DJ and music producer scene for the past four years, mainly exploring Techno and House. Your playlist caught my attention, and I’d be stoked if you’d be into adding my music to your selection.

I’ve got this one track, “Oxygen”, that I think would slide right in. Check it out here: [Spotify Track Link].

Here’s the link to my Spotify artist profile, [Spotify Profile Link], and to my Instagram one: [Instagram Profile Link].

Thanks a lot for taking the time to read this. Looking forward to the chance of adding a bit of my sound to your playlist.


3. Formal email version - Techno

Dear Curator’s Name (or “Playlist Name Team”), I hope this message finds you well.

I recently discovered your Spotify playlist, Playlist Name, and was caught by your music selection. Your selections are on point, and I’d be honored if you considered adding my music to your collection.

About me and my music
Let me introduce myself; I’m Philipp and I’ve spent the last four years honing my skills as a DJ and music producer, with a strong focus on genres like Techno and House. These genres have been my creative playground, influenced by the trailblazers who shaped their sound.

Over the years, I’ve released several tracks, one of which I believe fits perfectly with your playlist, “Oxygen”. You can listen to it here: [Spotify Track Link].

To get a comprehensive overview of my music project, here’s the link to my Spotify and Instagram artist profiles:

  • [Spotify Profile Link]
  • [Instagram Profile Link]

The synergy between my production style and the tracks already featured in your playlist is unmistakable. The hypnotic beats, evolving textures and immersive journey within my tracks align perfectly with the mood and ambiance you’ve crafted and I believe my music can be an organic addition, enhancing the listening experience for your audience.

I’m genuinely excited about the prospect of contributing to your playlist so please, don’t hesitate to contact me with any inquiries or to discuss the submission process.

Your time and consideration are greatly appreciated. I look forward to the opportunity of collaborating to enrich your playlist with exceptional music.

Best regards

As you may have noticed, the email starts with an initial appreciation of the identified playlist, followed by a brief introduction of your music project, and concludes with an enthusiastic tone about the possibility of having your music included in the selection.

Have you identified a dedicated Spotify playlist to which you’d like to propose your music? Try using this template, customizing it based on the situation.

Good luck!

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